Google Play!

Well, this has been an exciting few weeks.. more to come soon once I catch my breath and put all these fires out. 😉

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  1. Edward says:

    Hi. I was just wondering, how can i play with my android phone and mac together with the ‘create a network’ thing on mac. I create one, but only apple devices can detect it (i do the network thing cause i play at my school and it does have wifi but doesnt work for games).

    • Eric says:

      Unfortunately most android devices can’t connect to ‘ad-hoc’ networks, which is what a Mac creates with the ‘create a network’ menu item. However there is a trick that might work for you: If you go into System Preferences->Sharing and set your mac up to share a wired internet connection (even if you don’t really have one) to devices over wifi, it’ll create a ‘normal’ wifi network that you should be able to join from android devices. It worked for me when I tried it at least..
      Hope that helps,

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