10 thoughts on “BombSquad 1.5”

  1. So i’m have searched for a long time and i still don’t know what is this:

    I saw a image in BombSquad files… And it’s about a alibaba game center or something like that. I want to know a little more about this, how to use that alibaba thing. How it works?

  2. Sorry Eric can you tell me how i can do a texture KTX for android….becouse when i put the mod with the texture (ktx) bombsquad give me an error.

  3. i want to have the ability to add bots in teams gameplay i wish you can add some ai to play in some of the minigames

  4. HEY! I suddenly decided I want to play Bomb Squad with 2 other people on the internet. Why is it so fucking complicated?

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