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  1. Hmm I’m not sure what that would be.. BombSquad uses a standard http connection to communicate to its score server; if it’s not able to talk to it then it must be getting blocked in some way.. not much I can do about that :-/

  2. Does anybody know the location of the Boxing gloves texture in the game script, all I can find is the glove power up box but not the gloves themselves, so whenever someone picks up a box of gloves I can have a different color….

  3. Can you please make chunks such as metal, sparks, slime, sweat, ect. Configurable? I really want to make some bombs with custom chunks but I can’t.

    BTW, good luck with 2.0, it sounds like an awesome update!

  4. hello eric I ask several things of 2.0 how to create a system that allows us to combine things from one character to another as for example the mel hat and the head of the Easter bunny without removing the ears and that could be done mainly from the application without scripts and implement a Colombian flag please

    Psst: my inglish not is best

  5. I love BombSquad! It’s fun! Can you add an update with the Draconis character in BombSquad?

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