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This is out-of-date. While many basic concepts covered here are still valid, the APIs and other technical details have since changed. You’ll find the latest BombSquad documentation at

Welcome to the BombSquad Modding page.  Here you can learn about how to tweak the game or add your own mini-games, characters, etc.  Enjoy!

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  1. Meteorshower was ahit with my friends. Unfortunately it offers no option like epic mode.. really miss that but now im interested in modding myself hope to see lots of mods 😉

    1. Nice! Its pretty easy to add an epic-mode option – just take a look at the script for Assault or one of the other game types that has it.. I’m hoping to get the modding community kicked into high gear soon; should hopefully result in some fun stuff 🙂

    2. hola, emm, me ubiese gustado si ubiera uno para pc yoga por asi desirlo,opc con patalla tactil que sea compatible porque tengo selu pero no lo aguanta pero no es compatible para mi pc el bom squat de android asi que eso

  2. Hmm you should just need to launch the game (on your Mac, OUYA, or FireTV) and then it should show up as joinable in BSRemote (provided you’re on the same wifi network and there’s no firewall blocking things). You shouldn’t need any other controllers or anything.. does that help?

  3. Hi,

    I’m gonna be learning Python just so I can mod this awesome game!

    Btw, are there any sources where existing mods can be downloaded, or can we only play mods which we’ve created ourselves.

    Sorry, I Googled but didn’t find any immediate results for existing mods.

    1. Glad you like it!

      There’s not too many modding resources available just yet; mainly this site and a few examples at

      I’m hoping to kick things into high gear soon.. I’m working towards a few big launches of the game starting in September and then I’d like to circle back and make some more modding examples for people..

  4. Wowie, haven’t looked onto this website in a while, but i’ll give this a try on the weekend. I hope i get my Ouya to behave, it is a rebellious little device once in while.

    Another question: I’m an experienced 3D artist (around 15 years of gamedev now)… Is it possible to mod the gfx? I’ve seen the snowman and the santa models and would be interested in adding custom player models. Any hints on that?

    Nevertheless great game, it’s the number 1 party game, people demand playing it by now!

  5. A awesome game with python modding? I’m in tears…

    Decided to make a simple mod to add some more “oomph” to the Android version, you know, for science.

    Vibrate on bomb detonation

    Requires root (to bypass android manifest) and your device to support vibration.

    Thank you Eric for the amazing app and incorporate this if you like!

      1. Hi Eric Bombsquad is an awesome game and I play
        It on my pc using an android emulator called bluestacks
        Can you please tell me how to connect my woo.
        Remote as a controller. . Because it doesn’t recognize it

  6. Ever wondered “how could we make the race game mode more explosive?”
    If not, there is something wrong with you.
    But if so, I have the solution!

    Meteor Race
    As the name implies, it’s the Meteor Shower and Race game modes combined.
    As with Meteor Shower, things get hectic pretty fast, so I recommend only 2 (or 4 if you’re quick) laps.


    As always, thanks to Eric for the game and 99% of the code behind this mode.

  7. Hi Eric,

    Its a awesome game! Im from Brazil and i have shared this game with my friends and everyday in the school, we can play up with so much players = 3 tablets+4 bsremote+notebook with joystick(bluestacks) I cant wait your next game! 🙂
    Oh! We are from Brazil! We love this game!

  8. Thank You, Eric Sir, for making this game!! It has bought me & my cousins much closer to each other!! I wish you All The Best for your future games & once more with heartfelt gratitude, I Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!

  9. While playing this game with my friends, I took up learning a bit of python coding from here so I could make modded gametypes for me and my friends to play. These gametypes are what I’ve made so far.

    Landmine Deathmatch:

    Boxing Deathmatch:

    TNT Deathmatch:

    With the TNT Deathmatch and Landmine Deathmatch, I changed the default bomb mines and TNT boxes. I also enabled the player to have a lot more than 3 boxes/mines out. For Boxing Deathmatch, its exactly what it sounds like. Everyone spawns with boxing gloves by default and you can’t use bombs. I’ve tested and played them all with my friends, and they all work. Hope you like them!☺

        1. Yeah totally; I’d love to hear your ideas or stuff you’d like to see as a modder (or player). One thing I’m trying to think of is ways to make it easier to mod the game or share mods…

  10. Cool!
    -I think there should be maps with parts of the map held up with ropes or spinning platforms.
    -A one-use rocket launcher power-up would be cool.
    -For replays, there should be rewind, pause/play, and fast forward.
    -Maybe there should be a map maker with block models similar to the map already in the game.
    -Make it easier to edit gametype option within the game, kinda like Halo custom game options.

  11. Hi Eric. Thank you for this game. It’s really funny. We loved that. I am from iran. And I have a question!
    My best ping in this game is 160 and I can’t play my best can you help me? How can I make better ping or(low ping. Sorry my English Isn’t very well ). and it’s usually upper then 200. This means that I play slow motion . I test the games reload benchmark that it shows 114 or… . My net has problem? can I do anything I setting or downloading any app?

    1. Hi Farzam,
      Glad you like the game.
      I’m hoping to rework the networking at some point so that even laggy games feel more responsive, but for now the feel of the game is very dependent on your ping. Greater than 200 is not very good unfortunately.. It probably just means that you are not very close to any servers. If you have access to a PC or linux box it could be worth hosting your own server which should give you a good ping since you’d be close to it. (happy to help set that up if so).

  12. Hi Eric, I love ur game! When trying to load some of the mods here, the game says it requires API 4, is there a way to update the python mod files to make them compatible? Thanks

  13. Eric … I want you to organise official Bombsquad tournaments … Not only based on score(Which tournaments are being organised now) … It will be more great if we do live matches between two players live… Like death match between two players live… or elimination match… which would be done in a specific server and live between players…….and you can customise the game structure and decide how many players would be in a match… or how many players would be in final…It’s a great concept…. Hope you’ll think about it…. Thanks for your support

    1. That’s generally the direction I’m wanting to head. For the 2.0 update I’m working on a matchmaking system which will let me move the game towards ranked live matches instead of just offline tournaments. Lots of work to do but getting there…

      1. Hello Eric !
        is there any plan on making a map maker or object maker that ease creating content for your great awesome game ? 😀
        also I imagine adding a story mode to the game will explode our minds ! hope you have it on your list 😀

  14. Quiero que quiten el lag y que se controle mejor el muñeco los controles estan bien pero es un poco dificil manejalo

    1. Rébellion contre les équipes translation: There is people who make teams and it’s bad, THERE IS no admins, please fix this fast.

  15. Hi Efro just want to give u a suggestion that mod can be used for hacking in games because if u just intrease the blast radius of that ball then everything can be done for example in ninja fight specially hope u will do somethin 🙂

    1. I’m working towards a world where all tourneys or ranked games run on my own servers so hacks like this will be impossible. In the meantime I’m doing what I can to detect/ban hackers; thanks for keeping me updated and please report anyone you know to be hacking..

  16. hi eric what network ads do you use for bomb squad ?
    especially the rewarded video that, we want to receive free tickets . it always has ads ready to display.

  17. Eric, can you update meteor shower map or meteor shower because some players can got on the side. and they stay because I saw the youtuber “Halox – GG” just do like that. so, update it, Eric.

  18. Ayuda he intentado bajar unos mods de minijuegos, pero cuando lo hago me sale esto: error escaneando scripts, ver registro para más detalles. No se que hacer, he intentado borrar los datos del juego e incluso he reinstalado los mods, pero no sucede nada, por si me pueden ayudar

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