The Ballistica Project

As promised, today’s announcement!

TLDR: Core components of BombSquad on GitHub, featuring lots of my own tools and pipelines for use by tinkerers/modders. Make your own 1.5 test builds. (official 1.5 builds coming soon; other goodies shortly thereafter).

30 thoughts on “The Ballistica Project”

    1. Hello Erick,you cold add something in the uptade.1 when a vote,0 is not for wanted to work to lower a voter.2 increase the intelligence of bots.3 do somenthing to play for two in campaign mode,other than via google play.this eh so i Hope you look at this message

      1. Eduardo there is 3 ways to play in campaign mode with two
        1. Use Google play (not possible anymore)
        2. Use 2 controllers
        3. Create a server

  1. Is there going to be a build-bot for w32 builds? This is awesome, I’m sure I COULD compile it, but who am I kidding, I don’t do any real programming, so there isn’t much purpose in building it myself.

  2. hello erick froemling, when will the game update come out, my friends and i hope a lot, that was it msm

  3. You are awesome!
    I think the steam release could really improve your sales and make the game more popular

  4. So when will you actually update the game ngl i was kinda depressed when i realised there was no update after waiting so long. Other than that its still an amazing game.

    1. As soon as I can squish all bugs in 1.5 I’ll release it. There are pretty huge changes under the hood so I need to give it a bit of time in testing so I don’t break the game for too many people…

  5. Hi Eric Froemling, I see that you made a few updates and an announcement so I was wondering when are you gonna release BombSquad on iOS? I really love the game but I want to play it on my phone so how long do I have to wait until the game is released on iOS because I don’t have an Android.

  6. eric,
    I am a big fan of you(Bomb squad) we need more update with new stuffs please make more levels in single player mode and the time limit between advertisement should be erased
    so please make these update as soon as possible

    by your fans,gamers, etc….

  7. I would love to see some more videos this style, we don’t need crazy new details or updates on 1.5-2.0, but anything you can do to keep in contact with the community would be amazing. I have no idea how to develop, code or mod but found this video fascinating and wouldn’t mind seeing more. We are all huge fans and appreciate your hard work. Cheers!

  8. hosting needs to be simple, so that bombsquad automatically make changes to UDPs if windows is granted. for spectrum users, you cannot host due to vitural servers being awful, and theirs no work around from that so its litteraly impossible to host bombsquad parties on spectrum wifi. please make bombsquad automatic so that bombsquad automatically fowards the 43210 UDP.

  9. thank you!!!!!! So excited.

    Is the plan to eventually get Bombsquad 2.0 onto Steam? The new “Remote Play Together” feature would be AMAZING for this.

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