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This is out-of-date. The latest BombSquad documentation can be found at

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  1. Could you explain how your namespacing works please. In your meteor shower demo you use bsBomb.Bomb not bs.Bomb.

    I’m trying to find where bs.BotSet is actually located.

    1. I’m actually in the middle of a huge reorganization of the python layer for version 1.3.24, which is what these new docs are based on. I’m bringing everything that modders should need to touch under the ‘bs’ module. Email me at if you’d like a test build of 1.3.24 to try out, (including an updated meteor-shower). I think the API should be pretty stable (and a fair amount simpler) once this reorganization is done..

  2. Could you say something about bsInternal so that I can do something like remove vote-for-kick and block certain message like ‘1’ when voting….(May helpful for my build-in command system for server.)

    1. As it is now, there’s no documentation on bsInternal here, but what I do in these situations is just search for keywords in the BombSquad code files and see what I can find. It’s a gold mine of useful commands. Too bad it’s not mentioned here.

      Probably for security reasons.

    2. Recently,Eric Added A Function _filterChatMessages(msg, clientID) In bsUI, You Can Control Whether To Send It Or Not But It’s Only For The Host,Hope This’ll Help You!

  3. i have an idea for your site
    if you make a persian page for this part of turtial
    you help persian programmers to develop this game
    please make a page with persian language

  4. Hi Eric. I succesfully managed to host Bombsquad on my Aws sever. I was wondering but how to make some client the Admin. I cant seem to find any way. Is it possible?

    1. That functionality should be possible to add in via the Python layer, though it doesn’t really exist there yet. I’d recommend waiting for the April 3rd announcement before attempting anything like that though…

  5. Hi Mr froemling
    You put a education for stats example
    It’s based on account id
    I wanna change it to client id
    would you help me?

  6. Hi Eric! you should modify the console! after all, when calling the same Help () function, almost nothing is visible! or something I don’t understand …. (for example, when calling help (player), only a couple of methods are visible)

  7. hi eric
    there is a problem in bs server
    all time i have this error:
    Error Creating Player Space from String : ”
    and all players suddenly remove from server
    whats wrong?
    is thst a new bug?
    how can i solve it?

  8. Thanks for the heads-up; I’ll try to see what’s going on here. Could you let me know which server version you are using? And can you paste the exact text of the error? I think it should be ‘Player Spec’, not ‘aPlayer Space’

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