12 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your 2011 BombSquad starting lineup!”

  1. Hi Eric!
    The game “BombSquad” is fantastic and amazing! But can you implement new “versus cpu” maps? And I think that some new characters will improve the game!

    They are the best 0,79 euro ever spent! 😀

    1. Totally agree with Attilio! When we play it with two players cooperatively, I sometimes mistake my parter(the girl character) as my enemy and bomb her. If the characters can be customized, it would be wonderful. Thanks for making such a good game!

      datiutiu & xiaotiutiu

      1. * Agree with datiutiu
        * Awesome job you did there. This game is fun! =)
        * My only wish would be, that my snes controller (with adapter) would work somehow.
        The navigation-cross does not respond, the other buttons do.
        * Still an amazing game ! THX

        1. Hey FlemmInc,
          (sorry for taking like 3 months to respond)
          May I ask what kind of adapter you’re using? I can see if i can get one myself and get the game to support it…

  2. Did not see it coming when I plucked it off the App Store, but my goodness this game has been the most fun we’ve had in a very long time…I’m hoarse from laughter – all 4 of us are.

    I’d buy it 10 more times.

  3. Love this game!
    How do i play the maps in all the pictures on this site?
    I bought the game and finished it but never seen any maps like the ones above?

    1. Most of the maps are for multiplayer games, so round up a few friends and gamepads and do a ‘Team Tournament’ to play them..

  4. This game is a Masterpiece! May I ask how often you update the game? Because I’m really addicted to it right now 😉

    Also, please add more characters and stage 😀

  5. Excellent game! Totally addictive!
    Spent many hours playing together with my friend. Stuck at the Uberonslought level for now. I don’t have a mac, so I started to investigate, if it is possible to run it on PearPc emulator, but unfortunately, it can run only with 10.3/10.4 MacOS, so I have no chance yet to have this game on my own PC 🙁

  6. This game is so good! I can’t believe it took the OUYA releasing for me to find out about it…I agree with others, I’d also buy this game many times over. I think it took me about 3 minutes to say “hell yes” and make the purchase.

    If you make a sequel, I will definitely buy in! Heck, I’d even buy more “vs. CPU” maps. You sir, have set the bar for OUYA games.

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