Ok now what?

I realize it’s been forever and a day since I updated this blog, but it’s time to get started again. A year and a half ago I released BombSquad on the Mac App Store. A lot has happened since then:

  • BombSquad was featured by Apple and briefly hit #1 paid in several countries on the Mac App Store. (woohoo!)
  • Over the following months I added lots more single player content, a Free-For-All mode, and GameCenter support.  I got featured again.  (woohoo #2!)
  • I began work porting the game to mobile devices, which required completely rewriting the graphics engine and various other parts.  This took a *lot* of time and effort but should be worth it in the end.  Last month I released the first results of this effort: BombSquad for OUYA.  If you’re not aware, the OUYA is a $99 console based on the Android operating system.  I plan on releasing the game for general iOS/Android devices but want to hold off until I get network-games working.  I went ahead and pulled the trigger on OUYA, however, since it works well with local ‘couch multiplayer’ type games.  The response so far has been great.

So what’s next?


BombSquad was meant to be totally mod-able, and it’s time to get started with that.  I’ll be releasing a series of tutorials showing how to completely rip the game apart and turn it into whatever you want to.  This should be fun.  Stay tuned.


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