I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Hi folks!,

Its been.. oh.. about 3 years, so I figure its time for a blog update.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been:  for the past few years I’ve been working with my good friends at Limbic, blowing stuff up as the resident vfx-guy and working on some fun games.  (Check out Zombie Gunship Revenant on iOS if you get a chance).  It was a great opportunity and I learned a number of good development practices from some really smart folks (wheee I can actually use git now!).  The downside, of course, was that it kept my time on BombSquad rather limited.  I’ve been able to make minor additions and fixes the past few years but I simply didn’t have the time to commit to major updates or platform releases or things of that nature.  (cough cough iOS cough).  Despite all this, however, I’m happy to say BombSquad has been doing quite well this whole time.  In fact, I’ve hit my highest ever daily player counts within the past few months.

So recently, after wrapping on some big projects at Limbic, I decided the time was right to bow out and hit the gas again on BombSquad.  Just as with Pixar, it was bittersweet to say goodbye, but I’ve learned over the years that I work best when I can just focus on one thing that I’m passionate about.  And so here I am, back on BombSquad.

I’m super excited to get this ball rolling again, though it’ll take a little time.  I’m currently in the process of dusting everything off, making some sorely needed optimizations so my busy servers don’t bankrupt me (good problem to have!), getting some anti-hacker measures in place (seriously guys; play fair or get banned), and indulging in a little fun making new characters/maps.   Soon, however, I’ll be making announcements about my bigger plans.  (And before you all swamp me with the same question:  yes, iOS is one of them.)


I thought the game could use a wizard


72 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaaack!”

  1. Eric: Great to get this email. My kids and I are huge fans of Bomb Squad. I honestly feel like it’s one of the most enjoyable games of all time… literally. The humor, the action, the strategy, etc make it something that we would play for hours on end. The sticky bombs in particular are one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in an action game. Very, very well done and the art as well is so unique and engaging. I love the wizard … let us know when it gets into the game.

    As an developer and artist, I’m also helping to create some game design classes here at Galvanize and with MediaBreeze Multimedia as well. At some point I’d love to get some advice / tips. I couldn’t find a public email address so I’m just leaving this message here.

  2. Wow wow wow Eric Sir On Fire eagerly waiting for Update 2.0 and loved the Changes made in the Game in previous update (Anti Turbo) ..Thanks for Making this Wonderful addicted The Best Game for us..

  3. Great news ! I’m still playing bombsquad on my ouya since the begening. Can’t wait to see all the great features you have for us !
    Ps : we need a ps4 version 🙂

  4. I love it! It’s good to see you’re back, and I’m really looking forward to your announcement of a PS4 port for Bomb Squad. I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

  5. Love you so much. This is probably one of the most optimized, smoothly running games I’ve ever played.

    Awesome that you want to start working on it again!

  6. Great news, Eric! Thanks not only for all the years of great fun with Bombsquad (I’ve got it on Ouya, Android, and now running the PC build!) but your AWESOME support you have provided over the years. You’ve helped me with some things that I’m sure seemed trivial, but were almost game changer level for us. 😀 I can’t thank you enough and that’s why I’ll always continue to show off Bombsquad, along with buy characters, maps, game modes, (insert whatever) for this game. I just had a local 8 player PC session this past weekend (introducing a few new faces to it) and the game is ALWAYS a hit with anyone that plays it. Looking forward to what is to come!

    1. PC Build? What is this wizardry? I have it on Ouya and Android, but I would LOVE to have this on my PC (not through Android emu).

  7. Eric thanks for this game…I love game reason u….ur perfect this work game so plz come back plz.. Your plz continue thus game and plz unlock bomb squad pro plz and u stay this game plz bro

  8. Great to hear that Bombsquad is coming to IOS. Will be awesome if you will make on Apple TV 4 as well. Pretty good game…especially for kids

  9. So great to hear you’re back! Hope you have a lot of fun with it, I know I am.
    Nintendo Switch? Any chance?:)

    Also, can you provide a bomb squad addiction self help program? I can’t stop playing, it’s really a problem!

  10. This is so exciting! Thank you for returning to work on the project, it brought my friends and I countless hours of fun back in college.

    P.S. Please consider a Nintendo Switch port! It’s a great system for quick local play.

      1. You do not understand me. The game does not see the mouse, and the movement on the keyboard is very inconvenient and clumsy.

  11. So glad to receive an update! Keep it up, BombSquad is still one of our favourites! When we’re not playing VR that is!

      1. Yes there is (on Rift, GearVR, and Cardboard). Its a bit out-of-date in some places though; I’m working on getting it updated for newer controllers & systems.

  12. Firebombs. We need napalm firebombs. And electro bombs. We need bombs that explode into localized electrical storms. And acid. Bombs spraying acid. Ok, maybe not acid that’s a bit harsh. How about kittens? A bomb full of kittens causing your character to stop and admire them. How about oil slicks? Can you make oil slick bombs? And black hole bombs. Tiny black holes sucking everyone in within a small radius. How about a literal rag doll as character? Raggedy Ann? Elon Musk’s Spaceman? And then one of the levels is a toilet bowl. You need to push each other off. You’ll need some sort of melee game mechanic. Baseball bats? Cucumbers? A pillow case filled with gravel. I’m thinking roller skates. Jet powered ones…

    1. Download the mod manager if on Android and you can get lots of different characters bombs and arenas.

    2. How much time did you spent conjuring up all those ideas, are they all from your mind or from other games

  13. Nintendo Switch. Seriously.

    We dusted off the Ouya today just to play Bombsquad again. It’s a bit tough to replace controllers nowadays, we’re down to three. On the other hand, as a multi-player break from Zelda, a sure-fire winner on the Switch.

    1. Yaaaaaaas we need this as a full-blown cross-compatible game!!!!Just gotta add more features and it’ll be a classic! Tbh the graphics in this game are console-level

  14. Request a bug fix on Android TV running 7.1. If I close the game and go back into it I get a blank screen. I have to restart the entire console to get back in. I think it’s a simple screen refresh issue as I can still hear the game over the speakers.

  15. Can’t wait for the next update. Really looking forward to new maps! We play it every single day at our office on a Nvidia Shield TV.

  16. Hello sir, I need your help to modify this game. I want to save all chat messages into to custom text file which I can access later on.. Is that possible ?If yes how to do it .. please help.

  17. New bombs, new maps, new gamemodes, and new characters galore!!!! That is exactly what we need!!!! Plus the iOS version too

  18. It’d be massive if you release a BS Switch port. Just imagine rolling a joycon to your friend and play wherever you are. This sort of game is exactly what Switch needs

  19. Where do I find this fabled Windows PC version? It’s not on Steam or the Windows store. I would love to have this on a platform that I use more often.

  20. I just have to drop a line and say thanks for making such an awesome game!

    I downloaded the game for my (then future) step kids on my Ouya but we never got around to playing it until a couple weeks ago. I combed my cube for a good multiplayer game (I have a LOT of step kids) and found this in my Play list. Fired it up and my kids haven’t stopped giggling since.

    I’m thinking of linking my PS3 controllers to and get the 4-on-4 team action going. That should be interesting….

      1. If you actually dod do that I wouls play the game until 5 am on the morning just to try to get the highest rank

  21. This is one of my favorite Ouya games. The kids and I laugh so much it hurts!

    These days we get most of our multiplayer chaos fun done on the Switch. In many ways the Switch feels like the natural successor to the Ouya – lots of quirky indies and great couch multiplayer.

    If you do a Switch port of Bombsquad, it will be an insta-buy at my house.

    Thanks for all the fun for all the years!

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