Hooray for ‘Splosions!

For a game with explosive devices in the title, BombSquad’s explosions have always been pretty tame; really nothing more than glowy orange spheres that pop in for a moment, grow, and then disappear.  I finally got around to pimping them out a bit though…  I find one of the keys to a neat looking explosion is to just add *lots* of random different stuff.. some sparks, some rocks, some smoke, some distortion, some scorching, etc.  Here, Spaz is kind enough to demonstrate some of the improvements for us:

3 thoughts on “Hooray for ‘Splosions!”

    1. Thanks! The trick with the smoke was to render it as little strips of polygons with a fancy smoke shader attached, and to let the vertices drift apart over time to get the expanding/distoring look. Hit F11 in the game to go into debug-drawing mode and see how it works.

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