BombSquad Announcement Coming: April 3, 2020

After years of work, it’s finally time to get this ball rolling… 🙂

(announcement should be late-afternoon California time)

164 thoughts on “BombSquad Announcement Coming: April 3, 2020”

  1. Damn!!!
    honestly eric, i think bombsquad is worthy to have a bigger developer base by now so that the game’s evolution manifolds.
    just a suggestion, you’re doing amazing as it is!

  2. Dangit, just when I started to get inspiration for my modpack lol.
    Good luck with 2.0, Froemling! 🙂

    1. Or just cast an android on the tv
      ps4 controllers are compatible with bombsquad btw. use bluetooth

      1. Or I could put my computer next to my tv, or buy a 10m hdmi cable… nah, i want to keep it simple. After a day of work, sit my ass on the couch next to my gf, and play bombsquad together. It was very fun on ouya, but ouya is long dead, and ‘im done with chinese android tv box with shitty UI, which require keyboard mouse + controller on my lap … I want to pay for simplicity

  3. great eric I thought that the game would be eliminated and many blessings would stop working that did not happen that I tell you is a very cool game and I have a small community that we support all this incredible game I hope the updates eric congratulations for the welcome return.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. No offense Eric. But if you inlisted some of the amazing coders who create mods for BombSquad we would all be talking about version 5. But I understand that this is your passion project and so I look forward to what you will have instore for 2.0…

    1. Yeah mate but i don’t think those people would have done a quality job as Eric is doing, since creating mode isn’t the same as creating a entire game since 0, plus I doubt Eric would leave the job to anyone, because, it is a very high chance that they won’t do a good or quality content as Eric.

  5. Sounds very exciting! I’m expecting too much of this update! Keep up the good work! Brazil thanks a lot 😀

  6. Man, what a good notice, when i see that i started crying, okno, but this is very exiting, Thanks for all man. Hype

  7. Hey man, i’m so exited for this “bombsquad 2.0”, i was waiting this for so long. Thanks for all Eric, sorry for the past comment xd

  8. Finally Eric remember him GP password xD
    Why u not post anything about devlogs or updates something like that ? and why 3 april ?

    1. I’ve been terrible about blog updates lately; partly because I’ve been working on server-side things which aren’t terribly interesting to blog about. Things should get considerably more interesting after this though :).
      I picked April 3rd somewhat arbitrarily; I just need to give myself a deadline to finish this stuff up and that seemed about right…

  9. this to and eric a “bombsquad 2.0” finally an update knew it was going to release a new update thank you and more

    1. April is the one that comes after March :p
      I still have a fair amount of work to finish, but I wanted to give myself a solid deadline…

  10. I love this game and i have a idea
    new mode : SquadRUN!
    A 4v4 mode.
    (This idea from Free Fire Clash Squad mode)

  11. Hey, the game of my childhood has came back for an redemption. It’s very glad and happy to see developers make an big comeback to their games. This makes me happy in general because I remember playing this game on my android tablet in the 2013s. It’s now 2020 and I’m happy to finally revisit the game, noticing an big update. If I have any questions, when will bombsquad get expanded on modern platforms? (Xbox one, PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch, iOS etc.)

  12. I hope that this update will be the best of all or the beginning of a better BombSquad and a great growth of the community. Good luck Mr. Eric.

  13. Please do not ban me in BombSquad 2.0 lel.

    I’ll keep searching for vulnerablites tho…
    Also, if you don’t unblock my e-mail Eric, I’ll still find ways to bring your attention towards them.

  14. I’ll try to make sure the goalie falls asleep because how slow the ball is moving towards the goal, if they don’t fall asleep, don’t worry I’ll bomb em out of the way to give the ball some space and time to reach the goal slowly! I’m jk. All that matters is, this is good noose! Slow and efficient is much better sometimes than quick and messy, especially when it’s a hobby of yours, so I think I can understand your reasoning for wanting to keep doing this by yourself, so we should all be patient and wait until the ball rolls its way to the next destination.
    Glad to hear you’re still working on improving Bombsquad eric,
    so, thanks! Looking forward to the announcement on april 3rd! 😀

  15. So excited to see what you will bring to the game. Hope for new single player mode, even so playing with friends is much more fun. Thanks, Eric. You are amazing!

  16. Looking forward for innovations in dedicated servers !!!! Eric you must add new icons to usernames !

  17. Will the COVID-19 outbreak delay the April 3rd announcement or game development?
    Hoping you, your family and friends are all remaining safe and in good health.

    1. Hopefully it will accelerate it. Sitting at home, might spin up a Bombsquad server just because of the quarantine.

  18. Hi Eric,

    I just wanted to let you know that my friends and I still play Bombsquad on the OUYA, and they always ask me if the game has been ported to steam of PlayStation. Unfortunately I have been unable to play leagues or unlock new characters on my account 0yeah0uya. Have the servers been turned off?

  19. I realllllly hope the announcement is Bombsquad is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

    Switch! Switch! Switch! Switch!

    1. Same, I asked Eric in email a while ago and he said he does want to get BombSquad on switch. I think this announcement is gonna be BS 2.0 (with hopefully a Switch release)

    1. Stadia is the next Ouya… And his game was the best in the Ouya plataform, so I don’t think he should even consider it.
      If anything, he’ll be eyeing iOS. But before that, he’s making sure the new release is out.
      Let the man take his time… He’ll be giving his announcement in ten days. We’ll see then…


  20. Hey Eric
    Is BombSquad gonna be available in apple devices?
    Will the new update improve android gameplay?
    Thank you Stay safe

  21. INCREIBLE!!! crei que el juego habia sido olvidado pero mis esperanzas valieron la pena, su juego realmente es UNICO y divertido. Saludos desde Latinoamerica y buena suerte en su actualizacion Sr. Eric 😀

  22. Are you gonna update it directly to Bombsquad 2.0?
    Or will you update it to 1.5 as you said in your post “Net-Play: the road to 2.0” ???

  23. Make this game available on Apple TV, please! Challenging friends from all over the world, download remote app and play.

    1. 1.4.151 was just a minor update to the 1.4 version; there were a significant number of new translations coming in so I wanted to get those out there. It’s not related to the announcement on Friday.

  24. Hi Team,

    Im not able to play with friends using google play account, it shows ” This Feature isn’t available in your account”.

    From the same account i use to play with friends. Please check and help.

    I have paid and taken some packs also.

    Please help asap.


  25. Agar Maderchod Tu agar Kal Chutiya Kaata To Puri Ba community Pathar maarke fekenge Tere upar

    Written by

    A lag Facing ,Loyal Player Of Bombsquad

      1. Umm, you are partially right.
        I read “the road to 2.0” blog post before, many times, until I lost the hope and thinking Eric just abandoning bombsquad.
        However, you resurrected it and made me back to waiting.

  26. Well guys, the day is today. We are exiting. But pls stop put pressure on this man XD. Thanks for all Eric 🙂

    1. Lol he doesnt stay in india. There its 8 in the morning right now. Chill. It will be out by tonight or yesterday morning

    1. Haha so I’m super curious: where did you see the name ‘ballistica’ show up before I made this stuff public? Apparently I suck at being secretive

      1. hahaha yes apparently you do… but hey you compensate that by creating this amazing game.

        And for your curiosity I saw the routing 53 change with the to a while ago and you had the link ( to the private repo named as ballistica…
        and the last hint: you mentioned something about getting the ball rolling (I’m pretty sure this was a reference to the new naming)


  27. It’s already modifying files:

    Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory –
    bombsquadcore-1.4_assetcache.tar.gz 2020-04-03 06:00 56M
    bombsquad-1.4_assetcache.tar.gz 2020-04-03 04:38 56M

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