visual-effects guy and general all-around geek living in San Francisco.  I spend my days at work doing artsy computer graphics stuff, and at night I unwind by doing…  artsy computer graphics stuff.  If there exists an opposite to Attention-Deficit-Disorder, I believe I am afflicted.  This may also explain my tendency to listen to individual songs on loop for extended periods of time.

Anyway, this site exists mainly as an outlet for these hobby projects of mine; check back occasionally to see what odd game or app project I’ve been tinkering on as of late.  Enjoy!

Email me at ericfroemling@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Eric! I just downloaded your game from mac store and played a little while , It’s awesome and amazing! I am also a graphics programmer , I’m really impressed by your work, super cool stuff! absolutely world-class! I bet this game will going to be very hot! you should consider bring an ipad version for sale, you awesome, big fan, haha.

  2. Hey Eric, you have created a genius game. Keep working. I am really impress of BombSquad. Some friends and me spend a lot of time for that and we have always fun even me as a victor.
    Still updating it, for example Mac vs Mac would be awesome or more games in single players. Capture the flag with a friend against the computer must be exciting.


    1. Hi Erik! I’m a big fan of your game BombSquad! Can you please share a few resources on how to get started with game dev such as BombSquad! Thanks 😀

  3. Hi me and my friends have been playing your wonderful game for some time, i just miss 1 thing, a computer adding function, so we can play 2v2 with only 3 real people.
    also if u get time in the future, more waves in mushroom and more maps is always nice 🙂

    Big Thanks from the South west Norwegian college of engineering

    1. I’d also like this feature (adding AI players so that 2 or 3 players can have a large game).

      Great game! Thanks for all the efforts to make it awesome!

  4. Hi, Bombsquad is by mine and my siblings standards the best game ever. So one day we wanted to play and we logged in all 4 Wii Remotes. When we went back to the main menu to play, one of the Wii Remotes disconnected and since then is unable to connect to Bombsquad. I have tried to pair it to my Macbook Pro “13” inch and it won’t even do that. All it ever says is “Unable to pair with your computer”.
    Do you know of any way to fix this so that we can play with that Wii Remote again. Any feedback would be great.

    P.S. ( When is the actual update coming to the Mac App store)?

  5. Hi, my name is Omar, i havent played the game yet, but I have seen it, when my friend plays it, and it looks amazingly fun. Saddly, i dont have a Mac, so I was wondering, when and will this game come for Windows? Much appreciated if i can get an answer on my email 😀

    1. Yeah I’ll be releasing a Windows version once I finish adding networking to the game… hopefully through Steam. I’m hoping this summer or so…

      1. No it was your mistake sir its good for Windows but curse for all phone users
        Who play your game on their touch screen

      2. Sir ,I’m a bs player, idk what happens because I play tournament in under the co op level ,after match I look score board but my name didn’t visible,idk what happened,some guys saying some one reported me so sir banned me,sir I’m kindly requesting to unban me plzzi like tournament ,plzz help me .my game id SafePower88713

      1. Sir ,

        Your game is the best, the most addicting of all the games at playstore i m playing it since last year and had a great time with other players as well
        . But now when i play this game i fell frustrated when i lose and not because i am a noob i am a pro but the unfair part of the game is mac players and others eho use key boards . It is not only my problem there is a big community on whatsapp and other social chatting site for bombsquad and its a complaint of all the phone user whether android or ios . Its very unfair because a player who plays with the help of a key board uses his/ her 10 finger to control and its damn easy to control 8 buttons with 10 fingers in case of phone users we use just 2 buttons to control a joystick and other 4 buttons. Now a days there r many players organising tournament of bombsquad on Toornament.com in these tournaments how can we win if its so unfair .there is a limit to bee a pri on phones but no limit to be a pro for keyboard user rather a pc or a mac. Pls sir do something to make it fair i dont like someone cheating and shouting that he defeated me because the real reason is they use mac or pc and i use phone. Hope u will understand my situation.

        Sir in short i want u to play this game in phone and then on a mac u will notice how difficult it is to control the character on phone i dont want u to make it easy for us but i want u to make it as difficult on mac as we suffer while using phones

  6. Just wanted to join in on all the praises of Bomb Squad. One of the best games I’ve played in years!

    I saw the interview you gave to Day of the OUYA and the part where you said this made my day: “Network play is definitely near the top of the list, but another thing I want to focus on is customization. I think it’d be great if folks could easily create and share their own characters, levels, and mini-games.”

    Each of those things would dramatically increase replay value. Can’t wait! 🙂

  7. Hello Eric,

    I would like to say that you have a great game! Many kids talk about your game in Mexico. They would really like it if you added a soccer themed level. Just a matter of replacing the Hockey mini-game with the football field and the hockey puck with a soccer ball. Thanks!

  8. Hi Eric, I couldn’t get my Retrolink SNES controllers (USB) to work in Bombsquad. The pads are recognized and all buttons can be set. But somehow the D-pad (up, down, left, right) is not working… The guys just don’t move.

  9. Hey Eric, this is an awesome game saddly i dont have a mac or ouya.
    When will the game going to launch on pc, do you have a date yet?

    1. The big feature I’m trying to get in place before I launch on PC is network-play. I’m getting close, but that’s still a month or two out. As soon as that’s ready (or close to it) I plan to submit the game to steam greenlight.

      1. Awesome that ur gonna submit it to greenlight, i have to vote. OH! By the way i have bombsquad on ouya and its AMAZING!
        Dude Elior have to buy a OUYA.

  10. And yeah Eric, is it OK if i (if u have) can get a beta for windows (bombsquad ofc) , if u might want to share it to me 🙂

  11. Ok, so i have been playing the beta of Bombsquad and me and my 3 other buds laught from begining to end cause of the high amount of FUN CONTENT! the pc version is so much better then ouya and we did not find any bugs at all. You have mad an awesome game and all of my 25 other buds seems to like it. They talked about it the whole school day and everyone wants to try your game out. So is it ok if i share the game to my friends trough my usb stick? Anyway, Have a nice day!

  12. Ok, so i have been playing Bombsquad and me and my 3 other buds laught from begining to end cause of the high amount of FUN CONTENT! the pc version is so much better then ouya and we did not find any bugs at all. You have mad an awesome game and all of my 25 other buds seems to like it. They talked about it the whole school day and everyone wants to try your game out. So is it ok if i share the game to my friends trough my usb stick? Anyway, Have a nice day!

  13. I love your game, it’s amazing and a fresh new start for my mobile gaming. I think it would be awesome however, if you were ever to port the game to PC and put it on steam, It might even contest with an other game like gang beasts. Keep up the awesome work.

  14. Hi Eric. I love that game, I download it yesterday, and I play a lot. But when I olay with Local Wifi Multiplayer, the controls are like 0.6 seconds delayed.
    Plesse repair it.
    Thabks for your attention.

    1. Sorry about that.. right now net-play is very sensitive to network lag. Most games use tricks to make things ‘feel’ less laggy than they actually are. I just haven’t had time to get those tricks in BombSquad yet, but I’m working on it.. please bear with me.. (or there’s always local multiplayer if the lag is too annoying)

  15. As a BombSquad pundit (I’ve caused addiction to several friends), and an OUYA owner, I’m curious as to why/when the OUYA version will be updated from the now “old” 1.3.29 version? Seems lame that my phone now has a newer (free) version than my paid OUYA version. Otherwise, super work getting it into the Play store! Thanks!

    1. Hi,
      I’m hoping to update the existing versions (Ouya, Mac, FireTV) very soon.. it’s just that the Android launch has kept me quite busy for the past week. (apparently there’s a lot of Android users out there; who knew ;-). Hopefully it won’t be much longer..

  16. Hi Eric, Congrats for the game, it’s awersome! I’m 3D artist now starting a personal game project. Just wanna know, wich game engine did you use to create Bombsquad?

    1. Hi Juan,
      Thanks; glad you like it!
      I wrote my own engine for BombSquad (it started as a hobby project many years ago). If I were starting it today I’d probably at least look into Unity or Unreal or whatnot though.. (though I like coding so maybe I’d still write my own anyway; heh..)

  17. Just wanted to leave some feedback on your game BombSquad, and well… IT’S AWESOME! Very unique game, and probably the favorite and best I’ve played for mobile. Cool to see you wrote your own engine, you’re really good at programming I guess! Rated 5/5 everywhere I could. Good luck!

  18. Hi Eric,
    I found BombSquad on some lists of ”top multiplayer mobile games’, and have to say I’m very impressed by the variety of the multiplayer options you have available. On Android, for LAN and Wifi Direct in particular, are there libraries you’re using that offer this functionality? You say that “BombSquad is divided into two layers” (c/c++ & python), but I would think some of the device connection stuff would be in java, no?

    1. The common guts of the game are all C++/Python, but the Android version also has a thin Java layer for interacting with the OS (the Mac/iOS version has a thin ObjC layer to do the same)
      I’ve got the networking stuff abstracted so it can go through various sources; the manual/lan options are just low level c sockets code (which is conveniently quite cross-platform) but there’s also the Google Play networking option which goes through Google’s API in the Java layer. I’m hoping to wire up android bluetooth at some point which will go through java as well, and GameCenter networking on the Mac/iOS side eventually which will go through the ObjC libraries there. Hope that helps…

  19. I was trying to get the party working over the internet for mac, but it doesn’t seem to work. I have tried changing the port of the router, but the instructions are unclear. can someone help?

  20. Hey Eric, I really liked your game on Android, but there is one thing missing
    Is there a possibility to add computer players into a singleplayer game besides the campaign?

  21. Heyo Eric, I was looking around for a PC windows version of your Bombsquad game but couldn’t find one! Is it out on windows? Could you help me out?

  22. A wonderful game!I love it very much,playing it again and again.maybe you can add the internet mode but LAN.THANK YOU ERIC!

  23. Can u put Bombsquad on STEAM and let people be able to battle people who have different platforms and devices.

  24. Hello Eric, I have a suggestion for your amazing Bomb Squad game, can you please try and put Bomb Squad on steam because Lots of my friends and I want it on steam so we can play on windows computers easily also it would be good for multilayer and servers. Thanks -Tom

  25. Hi Eric,

    I’ve just downloaded and played this incredible game of yours!
    Do you have any plans of providing Bombsquad in any other languages?
    I’m sure it will get very popular in Korea really soon if you can do so.
    (Also because I’d like to play with my friends who can’t speak English well)
    Let me know if you have any plans 🙂

    If you’re preparing for PC version, does that mean we can play on network with pc users as well? That would really vitalize the network play!!

  26. Hello Eric,

    Just another +1 towards the thought of seeing this release on Windows PCs! I love the look of your game, and would absolutely love to be able to play this on my family game nights.

    All the best to you!

  27. My kids and I were big fans of the OUYA version! Unfortunately we were not big fans of struggling with OUYA’s controller issues, so it was eventually unplugged. Really looking forward to the PC version!

  28. Hi Eric, When I try to play it on Pc it was giving this weird unable to connect error and it was automatically shutting down in 5 seconds .I am assuming it is the version difference between the android/İOS and the PC. İf so when are you going to update the PC version let me know .By the way I am a huge fan of yours and your game keep up the good work:)

    1. Hi Sami,
      That means you’re running an out-of-date test-build.. I deactivate old ones after a while to keep people moving to newer builds… so you just need to grab a newer build. Email me at support@froemling.net if you need the link.

  29. hi eric first i thought eric froemling might be a company name i never imagined you to be a solo developer also if this game wasnt free i probably wouldnt have tried it.Its absolutely amazing me and a lot of my freinds think it is much better than clash of clans its massively fun and engaging in group play we have completely lost track of time but the drain on the battery is quite heavy also a bomb which runs towards your enemy like a robot or skeleton will be really fun to mess around 🙂 just a suggestion You have a really bright future

    1. Glad you like it!
      You might be able to reduce battery drain a bit by turning graphics quality or resolution down in settings. With all the physics and whatnot the game is a bit more CPU-intensive than most mobile games so it does tend to get hot. That’ll hopefully improve over time as I keep optimizing things (and as mobile hardware gets faster).

  30. Eric,

    First, kudos to you on a fantastic game! My family loves it! I quickly purchased the Pro version on Android.

    Do you happen to have a way to make a dedicated server for the game? I have used my android devices as a “server”, but I think a more powerful device that is just acting as the server may lead to a better experience.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Joe,
      Glad you like it!
      I don’t have a way to make a dedicated server at the moment, but I’m putting that on my to-do list… I do have regular versions of the game for Mac, PC, and Linux if you’d like to use one of those as a server (ping me at support@froemling.net for a link)

  31. Dear Eric,
    You have brought gaming integrity to the mobile app stores. At first I thought your game Bomb Squad was a port from a console game, but when I learned that this game was soully developed on the mobile platform I was amazed that an actual quality game was published. This game works perfectly without any need to sign up for some account or map keys which may not even support full analog. It’s functional, it’s portable, and it’s a wonderful party game. 5/5 stars hands down.

  32. What an amazing game! I play this everyday with my friends on android. The windows version is also very good, I haven’t found any bugs so far. The best thing is about this game is cross platform multiplyer. This game forced me to start learning python, for the mods. The only thing I miss is bots. I wish we could play team games with bots! Please consider this request. Thank you 🙂

  33. Hey eric, the game is awesome and many friends found it very interesting. But the drawback is it not available for IOS platform. Please launch full version on IOS so that we can also play it on iphone and ipad.

  34. hey so i got blender but i cant manage to open your bob files cause i just think it would be cool to see the caracters in blender and i also want to make my own caracters someday… what do i do?

  35. This would include “Yellow” by Coldplay, which I believe was on repeat for several weeks my freshman year at AAC.edu in the dorm on Van Ness. Good Times! Great work Eric! You were an inspiration in college, rendering your projects in the Muni on a laptop on your way to class because some small thing would irk you in a couple frames… Cheers!

  36. never mind i just installed a addon wrong. its so cool to make my own caracters. but how do i open the texture files?

  37. i just thought of something… so i acesed the bombsquad model files by renaming the game apk to zip and there is a lot good stuff but the texture files is a ktx files and i read somewhere that it should be a dds, file is it maby because that files is what is still to be installed if is then i guess ill have to find the already installed files to see the textures. i really want to make my own maps but i just need to find out how the texture stuff works. pls help me? and sorry im poor at punctuation

      1. I’am thrilled to know that but at the same time i’m afraid it wouldn’t rise to the beauty and glory oh actual version
        Thank you so much for this wonderful game.

  38. eric why did u ban glow colors plz for the love of god put them back they didn’t harm anyone, it’s taking away something that people love , a lot of people stopped play bombsquad because u banned glows. u can get them back just by adding it again , plz eric

  39. Hi Eric!
    iOS 12 is coming, and I think BombSquad fans would like you to launch a version of the game in AR. And if possible, that you will also launch it for android.

    I would like to see how your scenarios are attached to any table or room or another surface.

  40. Hey Eric, I am a huge fan of your wonderful little game!! I play it on my Mac all the time, and love it to bits. Unfortunately, I am the only one of my friends who has a Mac, so I was wondering that if you ever have a little bit of time, could you see if you could make a version of the game for Steam? I would love to play this game with all of my friends, and thank you so much for making this gorgeous little explosion-fest!!!

  41. Hi Eric

    I know ,words of Praise to Boom Squard or you are not fresh anymore,well, I have to say, Awesome.

    I’m not sure you’ll see my comment, and I’ll email u too. We’re a professional game publisher in China,and we want to publish it.

    As googleplay has been blocked here, and the game scale in China has grown to 10 billion USD in 2017.

    We think Boom Squard would be very popular here in China. Pls kindly check the gmail box. more details will be there.



  42. Hi eric!
    i’m literally the biggest fan of bombsquad as i feel it has everything i’ve ever wanted in a game. the amazing physics keeps swirling around in my head and the graphics and textures are extremely, well…. delightfully aesthetic!
    and this game has some amazing tactics with the different kinds of bombs and the maps and the abilities. most importantly, its very intuitive and thus increases the wow factor as much.(unlike tactical games like chess)
    i recently learnt the bombjump which is , by far, the most enjoyable tactical device.
    here are some suggestions:
    1)a new character ability like kicking, so that it becomes a full fledged ninja game(although this may require new controller design!)
    2)a smoke bomb used for tactical hiding.
    3)equipment that can be carried, like swords, or arrows, or ropes(for when we are falling of the edge)
    4) a new game mode for pros where no powerups drop, but they can be selected from an inventory, so that everybody starts equal and luck plays a less significant role.
    thanks once again for this mind-blower of a game!

    1. I think this would ruin the game but what would be awesome is if i can make my own character on blender and not have to share it with my friend because i dont want my friend to use my character

  43. I love your game and I am a total addict my problem is im having trouble port forwarding on fritz box have whatched 5 videos and gone into my firewall settings and allowed all 3 of my attempts and yet for nothing i would lile to report that the chromebook version pf bs is broken in campaign it kills you if you do in you deploy or a powerup spawns on you regards me(lol)

  44. Thanks for this awesome Game! I played it on Mac every now and then for years and completely forgot about it when I got rid of my Apple Hardware. I’d love to see it come to PC and wouldn’t mind spending a couple of bucks for it.

  45. Hi Eric,
    We are not able to play bomb squad via google play in android cell phone from quiet some time. Please help me to know the reason why are we facing that problem and when it will get resolve.
    Thanks and regards,
    Adil shaikh

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