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BombSquad Modding Guide Episode 7: Creating co-op games

Hey folks,

It’s been a while, so it’s time for another modding example..

I just released BombSquad 1.4.7, which adds a big new feature under the hood: you can now now create new co-op mode games, complete with their own online high-score lists and star rankings. (previously you could add teams and free-for-all games but the co-op section was a bit hard-wired)

First, a few little caveats:

  • At this time, adding co-op mods will disable your ability to play co-op tournaments (you’ll see an error at the score screen saying ‘please remove all game modifications and try again’).  I’ll try to fix this in the next update or two.  Pull your mods out and restart to get tournaments working again.
  • Currently you have to restart the game to pick up new or changed mods.  This can be annoying to do repeatedly, so I’ll try to add auto-(re)loading in the future.

Anyway, let’s do this.

I feel that examples are the best way to learn, so lets just grab one and dive right in. 

Download this script, drop it into your BombSquad mods folder (Settings->Advanced->Show Mods Folder), and launch the game.  Under ‘co-op’ you should now see ‘Ninja Fight Custom’.

That’s it.

This mod is pretty much identical to the ‘Ninja Fight’ mini-game included with the game.  It simply sets up a few timers to spawn ninjas and then measures the time it takes you to kill them all.  The script is heavily commented so you should be able to see what’s going on, add more ninjas, or whatever else you want to do.

Check out any of BombSquad’s internal game scripts for reference as well as the Python API docs.

Happy Modding!


BombSquad on fireTV!

I’m happy to announce BombSquad’s third official platform: Amazon Fire TV.
The game runs quite nicely on this little guy; I was able to crank the quality to high and add anti-aliasing and a few other bells and whistles. It supports GameCircle leaderboards and achievements, and I even got the remote usable as a controller.

12 controllers with a fireTV
12 controllers with a fireTV


I finally got around to putting together a little trailer for BombSquad…  I apparently didn’t get the memo that this sort of things is generally done *before* a game is released 😉

I’ll probably keep tweaking it over time, so let me know if you have any thoughts on it…


BombSquad Modding Guide Episode 6: Meteor Shower

Ok; enough with the expositional stuff already… today we’re going to make an actual, playable, (hopefully) enjoyable mini-game.

It’s called ‘Meteor Shower’, and it’s pretty simple. You run around a platform as bombs fall from the sky at an ever increasing rate. The last team/player alive wins.

Here’s a video of me testing it:

To play, simply download the following file and stick it in BombSquad’s user-scripts dir.  Poke the “Settings”->”Advanced”->”Show-Mods-Folder” button if you forgot where that is. You can then launch BombSquad, create a new teams or free-for-all playlist, and you should be able to add a ‘Meteor Shower’ game to it.

..And that’s it… To see what’s going on, just open the file and take a look at the code. I’ve commented it so you should be able to follow along. If you’re brave, take a stab at modifying it; see if you can change where or when the bombs fall, or change it to use a different map. Good luck!